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Río Lagartos has the world's largest pink flamingo nesting ground. The intense colors of the birds create a striking visual effect against the brilliant blues and greens of the estuary waters.


Here in the state of Yucatán we have 432 of the 540 bird species registered for the entire Yucatan peninsula. Just in Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve more Than 350 different bird species have been recorded.

The best way to enjoy your birding and natural history experience is to be accompanied by a local guide who has been trained to identify birds with their English names. This permits you to visit places you never would have found on your own, as well as to better understand local costums, beliefs and practices.



We offer four different kinds of fishing:

Fly fishing

■Tarpon Fish
■Sea Bass
■Jack Fish

Deep Sea Fishing

■Red-mouth Fish (Chac chee)
■Yellow-tailed Snapper
■Red Snapper


■Abadejo (Tiger Grouper)


■Corbina (Sea Trout)
■Baby Snapper
■Baby Tarpon

Depending on the season, it costs between $250 and $300 USD.


Find us: in the Perico Marinero restaurant on the coast line of 10 meters from the lighthouse. is the only place where you can hire our services flamingos, crocodiles, fishing and much more ......

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