Tours & Rates in Rio Lagartos,Yucatan.

All of our guides, are trained! to show all the beauty of Rio Lagartos. All reservation required 50% deposit.............

Regards: Elmer Canul

Flamingos Tours



Río Lagartos has the world's largest pink flamingo nesting ground.


The intense colors of the birds create a striking visual effect against the brilliant blues and greens of the estuary waters.


Our Classic Flamingo Boat-tour consists of taking a boat like the one below (usually with a canopy but these folks wanted to sun-bathe) into the mangrove swamp to where the flamingos are flocked. 


We also ride up the estuary several kilometers seeing many kinds of wading and water birds and, usually, crocodiles sunbathing along shore. We end up where you can float in water five times saltier than the ocean, and take a "Maya bath,"


The classic tour takes about two hours and costs from $90 to $120 USD depending on how far we have to go to see the flamingos.

Sometimes they are right across the estuary but other times we have to travel a good distance.


Flamingo trips are important for the town of Río Lagartos because of the money they bring in. When people see how important the flamingos are to the

Price: $ 90/120 Per Tours

Birdwatching trips 


Here in the state of Yucatán we have 432 of the 540 bird species registered for the entire Yucatan peninsula. Just in Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve more Than 350 different bird species have been recorded.


The best way to enjoy your birding and natural history experience is to be accompanied by a local guide who has been trained to identify birds with their English names. This permits you to visit places you never would have found on your own, as well as to better understand local costums, beliefs and practices.

We can also take you to other good birding spots. In Quintana Roo to our east we can go to Cozumel and Felipe Carrillo Puerto (Sian Ka'an). In Campeche we go to Calakmul. Here in Yucatan we can visit Chichén Itzá, Río Lagartos, Celestún, etc.

I hope you will let me guide you around.


My guiding fee, with someone else driving, is $100 USD/day. If I drive it's $140USD/day.

This price includes night birding if you're interested.

Price: $100/$140 per person

Crocodile night Trips


0n my special night trips we a very strong 100,000-watt searchlight. Our main goal is to look for the red eyes of the Morolettes crocodrile. If we re luky maybe we can even watch crocodiles as they hunt for fish


We also look for other animals, such as turtles,raccons and coati
Of course on clear night we wont be able to avoid admiring the skys broad canvas of stars


These night trips, which average about two hours of length, cost between $100 USD $ 120 USD, depending on how far we decide to go .

Price: $ 120 USD per Trips

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