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My name is Elmer Canul. I  invite you to my beautiful, peaceful little hometown, the town where I was born and have always lived, Río Lagartos, Yucatán, México.
At age 18 I became a fisherman, doing all kinds of fishing, including diving. That's pretty normal for here, because Río Lagartos is a fishing village. However, after fishing for eight years I decided I wanted to work with visitors, showing off our local natural wonders.


                                        Rio Lagartos,Yucatan,Mexico


I'm a paragraph.Though officially established during the Maya Caste War, Rio Lagartos has a much more ancient history, important as a stopping point along the Maya Gulf trade route, it was a favorite location to rest and eat.

Today the town is a small fishing village with a tranquil atmosphere and a community centered around sustaining its unique traditions while still inviting visitors to enjoy the natural wonders nearby.

You will find lodging, many excellent eating establishments and at least one store on every street to provide your day to day needs.


The thriving capital of Mérida is less than a two hour drive to the east, Tizimin a 30 minute drive to the south. Chichén Itzá and many other ruins are located within a two hour drive.

                                            To Find us


To Find us..... when entering Rio Lagartos, continue on 10 th (the main Road) Look for the clok tower on the town, Hall at the town square.

Turn lefl at Fannys Tienda (yuo will pass the Tabasco Rio Hotel)

and continue to the waterfront, turn to the right we are 10 meters post the lighthouse at the PERICO MARINERO (RESTAURANT) and RIO LAGARTOS TOURS on the waterfront............

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